BM TRACTORS has a long experience in the construction of farm and industrial tractors which continuously and continually reaffirm its excellent position in the market and its reputation as a technically innovative company.
The know-how achieved in the design and manufacture of all-in-one tractors contributes to make BM TRACTORS a leader in the global industry, thanks to the high quality and strong price competitiveness. Our goal is to continuously improve our understanding of customers in order to meet their requirements, anticipate their expectations in terms of evolution of products and services through a meticulous observation of the following points:

  • Satisfying customers with products that are increasingly customized to meet the specific needs and able to maintain the technical performance over time
  • Be flexible and fast in responding to market demands
  • Giving greater value to customers (product performance in relation to price)
  • Developing trust and long-lasting relationships with customers and its dealers
  • Having a lean and variable structure of the business costs
  • Continuously investing in incremental product innovation in order to satisfy more and more latent needs of customers

At BM Tractors our goal is to improve the dialogue with customers in order to meet their needs and anticipate their expectations in terms of evolution of products and services.
Designing for us means always create the best fit in terms of technology, quality and reliability. An advanced IT systems support our qualified engineers of highest level.
The technical department is also available to develop feasibility studies; before any purchasing decision, BM Tractors provides full information so as to optimize the customer’s needs along with the performances and characteristics of the machine.
The highly qualified staff is able to face any kind of problem in many industrial sectors, adopting the techniques and latest technology solutions.
The servicing phases are directly supported by the team owners together with the technical management, both in pre-sales and post-sales.